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Oasis Institute for Healthy Living Inc. - Ontario, Canada Oasis Institute for Healthy Living Inc. - Ontario, Canada


Oasis Institute for Healthy Living Inc. - Ontario, Canada

The Prescott Journal - September 18, 2002

By Astrid Strader, Project Supervisor, Horticulturist, and Garden Designer

Prescott Blossoms thanks The Prescott Journal for providing space to provide work-in- progress updates and seek input and assistance with out ongoing projects. This column will be a regular feature that will keep people informed of proposed parks development, with out emphasis this year on the Fort Field.

Myself and the 11 participants, in this HRDC-funded Youth Employment Service program, want to give kudos to town employees, in particular, the parks, recreation and public works staff. They have been so co-operative and patient with us, with the aim of being not just getting the job done but also providing the educational scope to the team for every task we've needed to undertake. With that comes challenges, like when Bob Dixon of the arena staff remarked while presenting a small equipment maintenance seminar, "It really makes you think of things differently when you have to explain everything from a - z. Whereas, when it's just me, I usually go ahead and do it - the steps are pretty much automatic. So it ends up being a good review" 

We would also like to give kudos to the 80 people who showed up at the Churchill Road Park for our first "Public Forum."

As the time approaches when we will be able to move dormant trees and shrubs, we will be restarting work on the Heritage River Trail in the coming weeks, surveying for the new trail and marketing the location of each tree we plan to plant for the arboretum. The new arboretum and trail is the most important phase of the waterfront development, as trees take such a long time to grow and the trees and path together will provide the "anchor" for the Fort Field and the future plans. As such, we need to raise funds for the new trail and the trees and the shrubs as per the size specified in the plans donated by Parks Canada.

On Friday, Sept. 20, Prescott Blossoms will begin a major fundraising effort. We have partnered with Vesey's Seeds in a spring bulb selling campaign resulting in 50 per cent of all sales going back to the community! Prescott Blossoms team members will be going from door to door with catalogues of perennial bulbs and easy-to-plant bulb sets. If you're considering some new spring bulbs for your yard, why not buy them from Prescott Blossoms, and help beautify our town at the same time? Any bulbs that you purchase and wish to donate will be used to beautify our parks and downtown.

Prescott Blossoms will also be seeking donations for the Heritage River Trail Arboretum and new trail. We are looking for donations in any amount for our new trail, in particular at the silver, gold and platinum levels. Silver is $100 and purchases a shrub; gold is $300 and purchases a regular tree (maple, etc,); and platinum is $500 and purchases a specimen trees such as an oak or red maple. These trees and shrubs meet the specifications as outlined in the plans donated by Parks Canada and tax receipts will be provided for amounts over $20.  As a donor, you or your dedication will be acknowledged on a public plaque. For more information please call Melanie Kirkby, administrative assistance at the town office, at 925-2812.

Our goal for this fall and winter 2003 fundraising is $40,000. We would like to thank businesses and personal donations received to date, which brings us closer to our goal.

Please help restore our natural green spaces with new trees and trails  - please help Prescott Blossom.


Oasis Institute for Healthy Living Inc. - Ontario, Canada