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The Prescott Journal - December 3, 2003

By Astrid Strader, Project Supervisor, Horticulturist, and Garden Designer

The Heritage River Trail work has been put to sleep for the winter. Next spring we will see continued work on the landscaping of the trail and the addition of the interpretive panels to the benches. The main trailhead sign will be put back as soon as a protective covering is ready for mounting.

Speaking of the trail, have any of you been wondering about the posts sticking out of the ground en route? I'm excited to inform you that they will bear invitations to bluebirds, wrens and robins, to set up house, come spring. These aren't just any old birdhouses, but specifically handcrafted out of native white cedar to the dimensions needed to attract these birds. Four bluebird houses, one robin nesting platform and two wren houses will go up. We also put a robin nesting box in front of the public library. Local field naturalists will be invited to monitor these boxes for activity. Special thanks go to Jack Henry of the Grenville Land Stewardship Council (GLSC) who met with me and Parks Canada Superintendent Pam Buell and staff to go over specifics for situating these houses. Jack explained, "The bird houses were built through Ontario Works, who help out on stewardship projects."

Accompanying Jack Henry was Chris Bellemore of the Trees for Peace program, who is one of Prescott Blossoms new partners and has been helping us with the tree and shrub plantings around town for this fall and coming spring. A lot of people don't know much about the work being carried out by the GLSC. To begin with, it is a program of the Ministry of Natural Resources, comprised of MNR co-ordinator Jack Henry and landowners in Grenville County that promote environmental stewardship through awareness and education activities. They also work in conjunction with the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA).

I thought I would give you a clear idea of how these groups interact. GLSC partners with CRCA through the Mac Johnson Nursery located in Tincap. There is also a public park with wonderful trails around a marsh and pond, which is home to a family of swans. "The Friends of Mac Johnson," a volunteer group, helps maintain the park and nursery along with the Leeds County Stewardship Council, the GLSC and not least, the CRCA.

Cataraqui Conservation Authority also manages watersheds in the area, enforces laws and regulations pertaining to the watersheds, and provides programs for landowners on the watersheds. For more information, call 345-1990.


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