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The Prescott Journal - Aug 6, 2003

By Astrid Strader, Project Supervisor, Horticulturist, and Garden Designer

Thanks to Countrymans’ Gardens of Maynard, over the last month, dozens of flats of perennials and annuals have been generously donated to us.  These flowers got planted in strategic locations around town and at the same time this enabled us to continue our fundraising efforts for the Prescott Heritage River Trail.

It’s important to us that we also look at what we can do for other green spaces in town.  That’s where we need your help.  I’ve often thought that neighborhoods could rally together to adopt a garden space in their immediate area to pretty things up.  For example, let’s imagine calling it the “Fader’s Garden Club”.  The club could meet to have plant exchanges in spring and fall.  Prescott Blossoms could offer some educational seminars on plant care say. We could also help implement your ideas for your neighborhood park.

Costs are always an issue and we will be fundraising for projects like the Fader’s Park as well.  We just received beautiful stonewashed caps with our embroidered logo for $15.00 which are available at the Marina, Municipal Office and Young’s of Prescott – all profits going to green up park areas in town.  We certainly will need to hear from you about how to spend the money and if there are interested people in your neighborhood, who would like to be a part of starting a garden club, we would love to hear from you.  Just leave a message at the town hall 925-2812 or email me at ras@ripnet.com.

Other communities are doing it and I think we are ready for it too.  It’s the Community in Blooms competition I’m referring to.  This is a Canadian beautification program that provides information and education, and awards Bloom Ratings for achievement in floral displays, landscapes, turf, urban forestry, community involvement, heritage conservation, environmental awareness and tidiness.  I think we have lots to work with here so why not try a dry run at it. Also, we have a strong and willing partner in Canadian Tire to help us organize.  So we would like to put out the challenge and invite you to enter your front flowerbed or container/basket in our Blossoms Competition.  Let us know by August 20 if you’d like to enter (businesses are welcome and I know O’Reilly’s Your Independent Grocer would be pleased to have the judges look at their fine work at the Prescott gateway signs on the 401).  Judging will take place on August 20 and 21 (you don’t have to be home). Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd homeowner front garden or container and 1st to business frontage or container.  The national website is inspiring for small communities with limited resources – go to www.CommunitiesInBloom.ca.   If all goes well, we can really get recognized across the country for our natural and historical beauty.  Hey, every little bit helps and if we believe in ourselves – others will believe it also. Call the town hall with your name address, phone# and category or email me at ras@ripnet.com.




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