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Oasis Institute for Healthy Living Inc. - Ontario, Canada Oasis Institute for Healthy Living Inc. - Ontario, Canada


The Prescott Journal - October 22, 2003

By Astrid Strader, Project Supervisor, Horticulturist, and Garden Designer

So far, Dream Green fundraising activities, have been very successful and we thank all of you.  Displays were set up at the Farmer’s Market and O’Reilly’s YIG where we sold spring bulbs, seeds, crafts that the team made, and Prescott Blossoms caps, all in order to raise money for greening public areas throughout town.  To date, we’ve raised an impressive $975.  This is above and beyond the fundraising that we do for the Heritage River Trail.  Dream Green is very important, as we have not been provided with any money to buy plants, supplies and equipment needed for the landscaping projects we have carried out.

Obviously there is a keen interest in beautifying areas within the town.  To date we have worked at planting areas within downtown: plantings in boxes, corners and the vacant old Daniels Hotel lot, south side of the Medical Centre, Kiwanis Skateboard Park, Sandra Lawn Harbour, town dock Anchor Planter (this needs a good name!) and the Water Street “Wall”.  Other areas, such as the Fire hall/Police Station, are special projects, which have been separately funded by donations raised by the Fire Dept.

An update on our team:  Charles Horsefield, was fostered by supervisor, Deb Smith, resulting in full time employment with a large construction company in Ottawa.  He will get further training and career development in a field he enjoys and we are cheering him on (this boost to his confidence changed him overnight!).

Josh Rutter also found full time employment, which is certainly a goal of the program.

Two others are no longer in the program – one left due to serious health problems and the other just wasn’t pulling his weight as a team player and was asked to move on – just like in the “real world”.

That leaves six, and it’s a strong team, which will be important as we move into the final stretch of outdoor work:  landscaping the Municipal Building and Public Library, and planting more trees at the Heritage River Trail.

With the assistance of Randy Pelehos, Community Services Director, and the Marina Supervisor, Tanya Telgen (a graduate of last years Prescott Blossoms), miscellaneous and outdoor painting jobs were carried out at: Forwarders Museum, Kelly’s Bay Public Pool, RCA canteen building, Fire Hall/Police Station, Kiwanis Skateboard Park, Sandra Lawn Harbour and Marina and the town docks.  Emphasis is always on developing organizational skills, punctuality, professionalism, workmanship and professional work skills.

Lori Harper continues to get valuable experience working with Libby Pilon of Fort Wellington and all the wonderful talents on the tourism committee and historical society.   Along with Chuck Street and our team members, Anthony Foreman and Adam Cumming, we helped with the production and mounting of several historical displays which were set-up in a vacant downtown storefront and the Forwarders Museum.

The Brockville Area YM-YWCA hosted an open house for the public to launch a new season of Wellness programming.  We were invited to speak about Prescott Blossoms. Then we participated in the orientation, fitness demos, handed out educational materials and assisted with a cooking demonstration, which I gave on “fast-easy-and-cheap-to-make-meals”. Everyone received special recognition and a free pass to this excellent sports facility.


Oasis Institute for Healthy Living Inc. - Ontario, Canada