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The Prescott Journal - September 17, 2003

By Astrid Strader, Project Supervisor, Horticulturist, and Garden Designer

Witnessing such community effort coming together as with the Kiwanis Skateboard Park is quite something to behold. Volunteer Joe McCarville was on a roll with our own Kylie Daub, who also volunteered to stay late to finish roofing the skateboard canteen building. It's been a whirlwind week with sod being donated by Manderly Sod and all of it laid in a long day. Congratulations are due to Anthony Foreman, Ken Robinson and Peter Higginson of our team who worked very hard to get the sod laid. It's going to happen - the Skateboard Park will open on schedule. Festivities begin this Saturday at 11.

Prescott Blossoms and the town is fortunate to have the opportunity to create something wonderful through a new partnership formed with the Grenville Land Stewardship Council. Earlier this month, Public Works Foreman Hans Van Helden, Community Services Director Randy Pelehos and myself met with Chris Bellemore, Trees for Peace co-ordinator, and Jack Henry, both with the Grenville Land Stewardship Council. We toured many areas of Prescott to identify possible tree/shrub planting sites.

At the health unit Sept. 11, Chris Bellemore and Jack Henry gave an interesting presentation on native tree and shrub planting projects co-ordinated through the stewardship council. In particular, areas in Prescott were targeted, with goals to improve ground water quality, reduce contaminated surface water run-off into the river, improve wildlife habitats and park scapes for human enjoyment. As well, care and maintenance was addressed - tree guards shown to be a necessity. Town staff and the public were invited, as these planting projects affect all of us. In attendance were Prescott Blossoms team, Myrne Hart, an interested resident, and the president of the stewardship council.

Planting areas targeted for this fall are Faders Park, Churchill Park, Edward Street overpass, library, municipal building, Daniels' lot and arena. Blossoms will identify and lift native plant material from the Mac Johnson Nursery and plant this fall, if all goes well.

Planting areas targeted for the spring are Centennial Park, Fairways Park and Kiwanis Skateboard Park. Other than Centennial Park, these areas would be co-ordinated by Chris Bellemore through the Trees for Peace Program which includes free plant material and planting with grades 4, 5 and 6. A small part of Centennial Park is recommended to be a riparian planting demonstration site, with interpretive signage installed to educate the public on the necessity for this type of planting.

Anyone wishing more information about these programs can find handouts available at the municipal office, as well as the public library.


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