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The Prescott Journal - October 15, 2003

By Astrid Strader, Project Supervisor, Horticulturist, and Garden Designer

With this weather we've been able to get a start on another painting project. (We have just finished priming the "Great Anchor Planter" down at the town docks.) It all started when Prescott resident Barbara Martin suggested that we use the Water Street wall somehow to welcome visitors coming from the marina. And then thanks to Chuck Street, who has been so helpful in sharing his talents and in giving training to some of our team in graphic arts software and sign making.

This project is a continuation of last year's - we began by painting a mural of the Prescott flag on the Water Street wall, on the corner of Water and Edward streets. Chuck then designed a continuation of the mural featuring a welcome in both English and French that reads: "Welcome to Prescott on the south coast of Canada." He will co-ordinate the job of patching the broken surface of the wall along with completing the painting of the mural. All the supplies have been donated.

It's coming time to do the yearly mowing at the Heritage River Trail. Parks Canada has set the once-per-year policy, which supports the redeeming of natural habitats. This yearly mowing does not disturb the food supply for many birds, as seed maturation from wildflowers occurs. Insects such as butterflies can still feed from flowers to prepare for their migration. However, the mowing ensures a measure of control against 'volunteer' and suckering trees and shrubs. It helps keep the integrity of the arboretum and meadow with the least amount of disruption. To facilitate the ease of walkers, a six-foot wide grass shoulder on each side of all the trails will always be kept short. Joan Hodge, a stroller at the waterfront, remarked "It's just wonderful that the wildflower and grass meadow is allowed to naturalize."

If you see the beautiful gateway sign at the west end of the Heritage River trail disappear, don't be alarmed. Unfortunately, vandalism has damaged the map area of the sign and it will go into repair by Parks Canada, co-ordinated through Fort Wellington. As well, a more 'vandal-proof' covering will be installed. The donor tree sign is doing well and I would invite you to seriously ponder that giving a tree as a gift is not only honouring the person or group that it's dedicated to, but it's also a gift back to nature - without which we would not survive.

To see what trees are available to purchase for dedication, there is information and a map at the municipal office. Tax-deductible receipts are issued for the $100, $300 or $500 donation for the trees. All donors will have their dedication presented on the donor tree sign every Canada Day. Call 925-2812 or e-mail ras@ripnet.com for information.



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